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Lunar Beginnings Online Occult Shop

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Our Products
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On this page we will list all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

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Note that all paypal prices have shipping and handling fees included, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Depending on your location you may receive sooner.
If you do not wish to use paypal for payment please contact us re alternate methods of payment

Pictures of our products will soon be added....

Herbal Baths  $8.00
A Mixture of herbs, blended and empowered to fit your need. Relaxation, to draw love to you, to draw money to you....Specify your need with your order.

Herbal Soaps $8.00 Hand-made soaps, mixed with herbs and empowered with your needs.  Wash hands/body with daily to attain your goal.


Bath Salts $10.00 A Relaxing bath infused with oils, customized to your needs.

Customized Spells $30.00
Luner Beginnings will compile a kit containing everything you need to complete a spell.  You just inform of the spell you need. (please note that we will not supply negative or harmful magicks)

Customized Rituals $30.00
Need a Self-Dedication Ritual? Or one for the Sabbats, we've got it!

Magick Oils $10.00
A customized blend of oils, for spells, rituals, or altar oils

Hand-crafted Wands $40.00
Beautiful hand-crafted wands available in pine, willow, oak, maple and can be customized with the crystal of your choosing.


Altar Boxes $25.00
Everything you need!  A portable Altar.  Contains cup, mini wand, mini athame, mini censer, Lord/Lady candle, altar cloth

also comes with appropriate colored candle and Meditation

Sachets and Herbal Charms $8.00
To be carried/worn to attain your magical needs

Incenses with Charcol Blocks $12.00. Hand mixed loose powdered incense customized and empowered to you magical needs.


Seashell Divination Kits $10.00
Comes with carry bag and instructions

Lunar Horoscopes $25.00
Ancient Celtic Astrology.  Please fill out the form with your date and year of birth.

Pendulum Boards $40.00
Beautiful hand-crafted from wood

Altar Cloths $12.00
Available in all colors......just let us know!!

Moon Bowls $15.00
Suitable for Drawing Down the Moon, or Scying

Coming Soon......

Witch Orbs

Hand-made Candles

Astrology Candles


Smudging Kits